Hari Niwas Palace, Jammu

Hari Niwas Palace is an ancient palace of Jammu city where Maharaja Hari Singh used to live with his family and children. Maharaja Hari Singh was a very kind king. But unfortunatly he died on April 26, 1961. Now the palace has become a tourist place for visitors.

Hari Niwas Palace HotelHari Niwas Palace has a restaurant where visitors can relish tasty foods of all varieties. The restaurant is very clean and beautifully decorated with the ancient models. The food is of very good quality and the service is also very fast but the food is some what expensive as compared to other restaurants but the taste matches the five star hotel quality. There is also a big lawn where you can arrange parties like marriage ceremony and alike. There is an ample of parking space.

Now let us have a look on Palace. The Palace is very big and ancient. First you have to purchase a ticket of ‎₹20 for entering the palace. When you enter the palace, there is a big conference hall where you can see the big pictures of Maharajas along with their wives and children. The pictures are so beautifully painted that they appear to be as 3D.

Maharaja Hari Singh's Golden Chair
Maharaja Hari Singh’s Golden Chair

Dr. Karan Singh is the Yuvraaj now. There are pictures describing the achievements of Maharajas. Then we enter a small room where beautiful expensive scenaries are hanged. People enjoy photography with there scenaries depicting nature, lords, mother-child love, etc. Then there is a small lawn after from where you can see the view of Jammu city with the view of Tawi river and Bahu Fort too. Then there is a golden chair of Maharaja Hari Singh inside a room. There is an ancient Charkha lying in the palace. There are idols of Maharaja Hari Singh and Lord Buddha in a room. There is also a room of Maharani for which you have to purchase a ticket of ‎₹200. In this room, there are dresses of Maharani hanging in the almirah and also a bed of Maharani where she used to live. There is also a souveniour shop where you can see and purchase very items like bags, cups, etc. encrypted with beautiful ancient pictures.

Overall the palace has an ancient beauty of its own.

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