Review: Pahalwan Di Hatti, Gandhi Nagar, Jammu

If I talk about 7 wonders of the Jammu City, PAHALWAN DI HATTI will surely befall in that. It is the famous Sweet Shop, Food Mall and Restaurant of Jammu, well known for the Quality of sweets they provide. I don’t think there would be anybody living in Jammu who had never heard about Pahalwan’s. It has become a BRAND in Jammu over the past few decades. Let us explore more about Pahalwan’s ……

How they started ‘Pahalwan Di Hatti’?

Pahalwan Di Hatti Jammu

Their Sweet and Quality journey was started with its foundation in the year 1934 by Nanto Shah (popular name of their founder Sh. Anant Ram Abrol). It has seen many changes and upward trends of improvements in Quality and Variety over the past more than seven decades (74 years) now. In 1988 the media had reported that when Malika Pukhraj visited Jammu after over four decades, she noticed the changes in Pahalwan’s from a traditional milk shop to a modern style sweet shop at Pir Mitha, one of their three prestigious Retail outlets as on today.

The second one being at Gandhi Nagar which came up in 1991 and the third one at Bari Brahmana which became operational in 2006. The Basic funda of starting this Venture was to provide quality sweets with reasonable prices. The Name “PAHALWAN DI HATTI” was chosen on the name of the mentor and guru of the Nanto Shah, Sh. Mani Ram Pahalwan. They started their journey with Doodh, Dahi, Barfi and Rabri, but in today’s date, they have their restaurants and food malls with lots of branches.


I’ll already give 5 stars for the quality of the sweets and food they provide (No doubts on that). It is one of the most famous eating joints in Jammu. Make sure to grab a plate of the ever so delicious Pav Bhaji here. A wide range of eatables stacked together on display to tickle your taste buds is also a treat to one’s eyes. You will find some of the most unique sweets here including Chocolate Barfi and Sund Panjiri, which are exclusive to Pahalwan Di Hatti only. It is well maintained and clean. This joint is more famous for sweets but they also serve delectable snacks as well.

This place is very crowded at times, but it really worth the wait. Chole bhature, Poori Chole and Samosa Chole are the stars of the show. Pure desi ghee preparation and the right mix of spices make them very special. Local speciality kaladi kulcha is also worth a try.

In spite of being a vegetarian joint, the place is always crowded with excited foodies. So, on your trip to Jammu, do stop by at Pahalwan Di Hatti and check it out for yourself.

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