What’s Better – Job or Business?

Job or Business…???

Most of the people these days are confused about their career that what to do Job or Business in future, What would be best for them.. Both have some problems with them. Problem is how to get a Job and the money required to start a business and other risks involved in Business. Every person has some qualities that differentiate him from others. These qualities should be taken care off while deciding for their future. Only the internal qualities of a person takes him at the top the ladder of success.

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  • If you are capable of working independently, and you are able to start and finish a task of your own, you should think about your business. If you need to be assisted by someone to tell you what to start, when to start and when to finish, you should go for a Job.
  • If you are able to set and achieve your self-made goals, then you should be a boss. If others sets a goal for you, you should opt a Job.
  • The Business is full of risks like financial risks etc. But Job provides risk free income if you have have talent of working as an employee.
  • Life of a Businessman is more stressful. But an employee has less responsibility and even less stress.
  • In Job one is sure to get a fixed income but business can sometime cause loss.
  • Lastly, if you feel you are a good entrepreneur, you should start your own business, it will going to be successful for you. In a job you are not supposed to be an economic man.
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  • Job is more secure.
  • Job provides a steady income.
  • Work less hours and less responsibility.
  • No risks involved.


  • There is no limit of earning money.
  • No time restrictions in business.
  • There are no rules to obey.
  • No retirement.
  • You can make your own identity.
  • You will not have to wait for holidays.
  • You can achieve your own goals.
  • Nobody above you to instruct you or order you.
  • You learn to lead others as a boss.


Many a times it depends upon the circumstances what we should do. Like sometimes we have lack of money to start a business and we have to opt for the Job where we are sure about the income. Even after doing a Job for sometime we can start a business if we have financial power.

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