11 Low Budget Wedding Ideas

Marriage is a union of two souls. It is the most awaited day in everyone’s life. Everybody has many dreams and desires for this day as you are also having. But the constraint for some people is money. Today we see people spending millions in just a single marriage just to show off others their richness and status, but everyone cannot afford to. India is a country whose most of the population is medium class, with having a subsistence income. They cannot afford such high-class arrangements that generally high class used to do. So today, I am here with some Low Budget Wedding Ideas that you can opt to make your this day memorable for you in life.


Low Budget Wedding Ideas

  • Court or Registered Marriage: If you are not having a huge amount of money for a wedding, you can go for marriage in court where with the help of some witness and legal documentation, you can get married to your spouse and start your new journey of life. You can also arrange a party for your relatives and friends after the marriage if you can afford to.
  • Marry at your religious place: if you want to complete your marriage union with all the customs and traditions you also have the choice to marry at your religious place like a temple, or gurudwara etc, where, with the blessings of God and your parents you can perform your marriage.
  • Less ceremonies: Today we see in our society most of the people have adopted to Western Culture and have adopted many ceremonies in a marriage that have no traditional aspect like engagement ceremony, Bangle ceremony. You can avoid these ceremonies which are at all not necessary and are just a waste of money.
  • Mingling the ceremonies: You can mingle the two or three ceremonies to ones like Saint and Shagun, then Barat and Reception. So this would reduce your per head ceremony cost to one.
  • Don’t go for Wedding Planners: As everyone starts a business to earn so as our wedding planners also do. So you can save the money that you are going to pay them as their profit by making arrangements by yourself rather than by hiring a wedding planner.
  • Venue: Today venue is the most costly part of a marriage. Instead of giving for a resort or farmhouse which have higher rents, you should arrange the marriage party function at your home or outdoor or some parks or community halls which have very low rent.
  • Decoration: Decoration of fresh flowers is going to cost you more than of the artificial. You should spend a very little amount or no amount on the decoration as it is of no use.
  • Menu: The menu in the feast should not be very long as nobody is going to remember your marriage for how many items they have taken but the quality of the dishes they have been served. Now even the Government have fixed the number of dishes a person can have in his/ her marriage party. As many as things you may have, the more wastage is going to be there. So not only from your pocket’s point of view but also from Nation’s point of view, it’s not at all good to have so many dishes. It may also affect your spending in the marriage.
  • Less number of people: You should avoid inviting so many people like friends of friends and multiples of relatives. This could save your big amount of money.
  • Invitation cards: you should not use high-value invitation cards for the invitation because people have nothing to do with which invitation card you are using but they are concerned with the warm feelings with which you are inviting them. The costly and trendy cards are just a means of showing off.
  • Dresses: You can avoid purchasing dresses like Sherwani, Lehngas etc. for your marriage day but you can have them on rent. This may save the big amount that you are going to spend in no useful manner.

So these were important points you must read before planning a marriage and save your money. As this money saved by you can be spent at some other useful place like planning for your happy and prosperous future. I wish you a successful and happy married life.

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