7 Organic Hacks to Gain High Traffic on your Website

Basically, As The time went on increasing, Google also keeps introducing the New factors which will affect your websites and posts ranking on Search Engines. Matching the same speed of the google publishing updates and bringing to notice in the websites can help you in bringing the Traffic. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the best way of getting traffic but it takes a lot of hard work to get sustained and gain long-term Traffic. Below we will Learn about the 7 topics related to search engine optimization which an individual forgets or don’t does it correctly and if you do it correctly you can gain high traffic. Let’s move to the other part of Postings:

7 Organic Hacks to Gain High Traffic to your Website

  1. Guest Post

7 Organic Hacks to Gain High Traffic on your Website

Writing guest posts is a high risk as well as high reward opportunity.It can be valuable for your marketing presence and for the metrics of SearchEngineOptimization also. A few bad guest posts will not go to destroy your site, but neither a few good posts going to make your site popular

Guest blogging is not an onsite SEO factor. It’s all about internal marketing. So, We will look into the matter of facts that a Guest post will affect you Organic Reach:-

(i) The host site will get a link to yours which bring citation and trust flow for optimization.

(ii) You will get traffic from the host on a regular or a share basis depends upon the quality of the post.

(iii) Host Site can promote your website to their Readers and can share on their own social media Platforms.

(iv) While posting the post, the host can put your details under the post which helps you bring Fame and Traffic.

2. Backlinks

7 Organic Hacks to Gain High Traffic on your Website

A backlink is a link that one website gets from another website. Backlinks make a huge impact on a website’s ranking in search engine results. This is why they are very useful for improving a website’s SEO ranking. Search engine rankings use multiple factors to display search results. Backlinks should be natural, this means that a website must not use fake ways to create backlinks for their own websites. The quality of links is far more important than the quantity. It is the most valuable and simple method to rank your website in search engines.

3. Infographics


According to the latest research, of Big websites and according to their case studies it has found that 40% to 42% of traffic is generated because of infographics backlinks and 45-50% peoples likes to read the infographics rather than reading. The infographic has bounced on the visual level, detonating as a type of shareable substance and ensuring advertisers quantifiable outcomes. Infographics likewise give evergreen substance. Questionable news may pick up you a couple of social offers in the event that it comes to the “right gathering of people” at the “opportune time”, however from my experience, this sort of PR is significantly more hit and miss. With an infographic, you have a changeless linkable alternative that holds consistency and will get shares a very long time after it’s distributed on your site.

4. Redirecting


Mail forwarding is an important step in any moving procedure, as it ensures you don’t lose any valuable information that’s sent to you.Sending Your visitors from One URL to another URL can be done but you need to be assured that your visitors are going to the right path (URL). In the realm of tech, this is known as a 301 redirect. Redirects send site guests and web crawlers to an unexpected URL in comparison to the one they initially looked into their program or clicked from a web index come on the page. These sidetracks likewise connect different URLs to one segment so web search tools rank the greater part of the addresses in view of the space immaculateness from inside connections.

5. Unique Content


In today’s generation of copying and pasting we have just forgotten the reality.It is very important for a web developer or blogger to have its own written content usually different from others known as unique content. It helps in ranking the website in the SEO platform in search engines. Now you will ask how? Its simple, If everyone is using the same content with same words then it will be very difficult for each and everyone to rank their article or post. So unique content is important.

6. Web Speed


2010 was the year where Google announced it was going to take page speed as a ranking difference. Google is focusing for a few years on delivering the best onsite surfing experience possible.Page speed comes in that logic. Actually, if a site loads fast, chances are better that users will remain on your website as they will experience something better (of course other elements needs to be considered to offer the best experience possible). Website Speed is very slow then it can affect your rankings but it won’t affect your rankings if your website speed in so slow.

7. Keywords


It is the most versatile and important part of SEO, without it you just can’t think of making your website SEO friendly or SEO optimized. You just have to focus on your main keyword and for it, keyword researching is very important. It gives you an idea of how much that keyword will pay you that can be money or can be traffic. Keyword researching tells you the value of the keyword that you are planning to focus on. Once your researching is complete you can think of making your website SEO friendly or SEO optimized. So that’s why it is the most and important part of SEO ranking.

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At last, to gain good organic traffic you need to focus first on the mentioned topics in a smart way and moreover, the best way to sustain is to keep following Google updates or any other search engine’s updates about each thing because Thier depending factors can make easier to sustain into the world!

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