Kashmir – A Heaven on Earth

“If there is heaven on earth, then its here”

You must have listen this line many times. And today I’m going to tell you all about that place for which this line has been spoken.

Kashmir – A Heaven On Earth

Kashmir is a valley situated in the far north of the Indian subcontinent. This place is a part of the state “JAMMU AND KASHMIR”. It is one of the most beautiful place on the planet. The beauty of the Kashmir is admired all over the world. It is the beautiful valley which is also known as the “Princely State of India”. This place is surrounded by the range of mountains on two sides. These are- The Great Himalayan Range And Pir Panjal.Kashmir - A Heaven on Earth

It is situated on the top of the Indian map. Just like a crown. And yes it is a crown to the country. It is one of the best tourist spot in the country. In winters, it is covered with snow all the time and it make this place just like a heaven on earth.


Kashmir is located in the state of J&K. We can get to this place through various ways. We can get there by Air and By Road.

  • By Air– There is a Airport in Srinagar and we can easily get there by direct flights operated by Jet airways, Indian Airlines, Indigo etc. There are some direct flights to Srinagar from Jammu and Delhi.
  • By Road– We have to go through the Jammu, in order to reach Kashmir. Kashmir is approximately 260 Km from Jammu. And the road is mountainous with lots of turns. We can go there on bus from Jammu or can hire a taxi.


Legends believe that , a saint named “Rishi Kashayapa” reclaimed the land of Kashmir valley. Earlier it was known as “Kashyapamar” (after kashyapa) and this later become Kashmir.

In the 3rd century BC, ASHOKA introduced the Buddhism religion in the Kashmir and in the 9th century, It become the hub of Hinduism. Several Hindus ruled the land then till the Muslims invaded it in 14th century. The Mughals also ruled the kashmir from (1587-1752). The long 500 ruling period of muslims came to the end in 1819 with the annexation of Kashmir to Sikh kingdom.

In 1846, the Kashmir region became a part of Dogra Kingdom. From there many Dogra rulers like- Maharaja Gulab Singh (1846 to 1857), Maharaja Ranbir Singh (1857 to 1885), Maharaja Pratap Singh (1885 to 1925), and Maharaja Hari Singh (1925 to 1950) -ruled the valley and laid the foundations of the modern Jammu & Kashmir state.



Srinagar is the summer capital of J&K. It is located in the heart of the Kashmir. The city is very beautiful and is a great attraction for the tourists. There are many lakes in the city and the city is spread on the both side of Jhelum. There are a number of lakes and swamps in and around the city. These include the Dal, the Nigeen, the Anchar, Khushal Sar, Gil Sar and Hokersar.



The city is also famous because of its nine old bridges, connecting the two parts of the city.

Do you Know : Srinagar has a great meaning in its own name i.e. Sri means “glory, prosperity”, a name for the goddess Lakshmi and Nagar means “city”, which would make “City of Lakshmi” (or, “City of Prosperity”).

Places to visit in Srinagar:

  • Dal Lake
  • Shankaracharya Hill
  • Indira Gandhi Tulip Garden
  • Shalimar Bagh
  • Nigeen Lake
  • Mughal Gardens
  • Pari Mahal
  • Kheer Bhawani Temple


Gulmarg, which is also known as ‘Gaurimarg’ is located on the Pir Pinjal Range of mountains and is just miles away from the L.O.C. It is hill station or a kind of small town. It is very much popular for its winter sports like skiing.

Places to visit in Gulmarg :

  • Apharwat Peak
  • Gulmarg Gondola
  • Gulmarg Alpine Guides
  • Gulmarg Ski Resort
  • Outer Circle Walk
  • Rani Temple


It is also known as “Land of Countless Springs”. It is the largest business hub of the valley. It is 53 Km from Srinagar and is located in southern part of Jhelum.

Places to visit in Anantnag:

  • Amarnath


Pahalgam is a town in the Anantnag District of J&K. It is a popular tourist place hill station in Kashmir and is located 45 Km from Anantnag.

Places to visit in Pahalgam :

  • Chandanwari
  • Betaab Valley
  • Aru Valley
  • Tulian Lake
  • Mamaleshwar Temple


I would recommend, the best time to visit the Kashmir is between March to August. During this period, two seasons are covered, Spring and Summer. The blossom of spring and cool weather in the summers are the best seasons to visit the place.


It is hard to believe that Kashmir, a beautiful and peaceful place can become a bone of conflict between two countries. We all know that it is Disputed land between India and Pakistan because some people tried to divide it on the basis of religion. Although its more political than religional. Now the southern and southeastern parts of Kashmir are under Indian states while the western and the northern part are in control of Pakistan.

In the end, i would say, there is no need to go anywhere else in holidays or honeymoons. Kashmir is and will always be the best place all over the world.

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