Another Life Lost to the Speed – Talab Tillo Accident

I was at my office, doing some work, when i came to know about this HORRIBLE ACCIDENT. It got me so disturbed that i couldn’t stop myself from writing this article. Seriously this is the time where some strict rules should be imposed on the Local Matadors of the area.


A girl named JANVI GUPTA D/O NARESH GUPTA was coming back from the school with his brother In Talab Tillo. They were on the scooty and was hitted by a Speedy Matador from behind and they fell down… Another Speedy Matador trying to overtake the first matador got over them… In this shocking incident, Girl Died on the spot and boy is admitted to GMC .


Speed, Races, Rash Driving, Extra Money… These are the clear reasons for this accident. I would say its a kind of half murder. Local Matadors on the Bohri-Talab tillo Route are very famous of RACING with each other. Many accidents had already took place on this route. They race each other just to make few more Bucks. I mean thats really disgusting. The matador drivers don’t even care that their Rash driving can be dangerous for someone’s life and guess what… Another life is gone.

There is one question for you all. Is talab tillo road a Highway?????


First of all, the guilty driver should be punished for what he had done. And From now on, traffic police should impose strict fines and laws on the matadors which are seen driving over-speed… There ruthless way of Overtaking other matadors are also very dangerous. I think Traffic police should take some measures so that these kind of incidents should never took place again in future….

In the end , I would ask one more question… Is making few bucks is worth more than a Life??????????????????????
May she R.I.P

Protest Against JKP

Candle March (17/05/2016)

Candle March at University of Fine Art and Music, Poonch House, Jammu.


What you can do ?????

Share this post as much as possible in order to start a protest against JKP and the Speedy Matador Drivers otherwise till when innocent people will loose their LIVES on ROAD…….?????????

4 thoughts on “Another Life Lost to the Speed – Talab Tillo Accident

  • May 17, 2016 at 2:01 pm

    Sir ye traffic police vale bi paise khate hain matador vlo se…isiliye ye inki rash driving ko ignore krte hain….therefore strict actions should be taken against all the culprits and surity should be given to the general public that this may not happen in future

  • May 17, 2016 at 2:44 pm

    There should be a hard law for this trafficpolican’s and these culprits drivers! -_-

  • May 17, 2016 at 6:46 pm

    iss accident ma dekha jya toh kahi na kahi kasur trafficpolice walo ka bi ha. kuch tym hota ha matatdor ka 3-3 4-4 toh ek sth chal rhi hoti ha. yeh hal rha toh accidents ka cases km nai zada hi hoga……………
    Agr koi bi yeh comment pdta ha toh plzzzzzz driving slow…..
    agr aap driving krta ha toh aapna dyan rakha aur samna vla ka bi………….

  • May 19, 2016 at 10:24 am

    I am curious if girl and her brother on scooty were wearing a helmet or not.


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