Baba Dhansar, Katra, Jammu

Baba Dhansar

The Holy place of BABA DHANSAR is located in Karua Jheel near Karua Village. This village is located 17 km from Reasi District of Jammu and Kashmir. It is set beautifully near by the pond. The holy shrine of Baba Dhansar attracts lots of pilgrims every year. There is a legend behind Baba Dhansar. Baba Dhansar was the son of Vasudeva, Serpent king. In the Ancient time, it is believed that a Demon used to live near by the Karua Lake. He used to commit many atrocities on the villagers. So all the villagers went to Baba Dhansar to sought his help. In order to get help, Baba dhansar worshipped Lord shiva for long time, then Shiva came to help them and killed the demon. After this, the villagers built a Nag Temple and a Shiva Temple there, in honour of the Gods.

Baba DhansarThe Karua Pond is considered sacred to take bath. But the devotees are not permitted to bath in it. However they can bath downstream. The devotees believes that bathing in the stream will help them to wash away their sins. A Mela is organised every year here on the occasion of Maha Shivratri which attracts a large no. of Devotees. They come here in the belief that their wishes will be fulfilled if they pray with complete faith.

Baba Dhansar is also a one of the best place for the nature loving people. Actually this place is good for the God lovers, experience seekers & photo fanatics. It is peace, calm and scene-tic place. People can come here and relax for a long period of time.

The water in the stream is so clear and blue that one can also drink it. While approaching towards the journey, we have also to take 200 mt. walk from in order to reach the temple.

Nowadays, Its hot out here, so maximum people approach to this place in order to bath in cool stream and also to visit the temples. I recently visited this place with my family. Went here in the the late afternoon, we had to walk down around 100 stairs . It was serene and beautiful. Panditji was also very nice, he explained the significance of the temple. There is a natural water drops on a shivling throughout the year and watch carefully to see the lion face on the rock. Also we met a 7-8 year old boy who showed us around and was very helpful like a guide .

Nowa days for the facility of the devotees visiting this place, the shrine board of Baba Dhansar is making some developments in this place like they are making now a Dharamshala for the devotees.

Do visit this sacred place this summer with your family or friends.

It is definitely worth it !

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