Bahu Fort, Jammu


Bahu Fort is an ancient fort in the city of Jammu. This fort was built about 3000 years ago where a king, Raja Bahu Lochan lived with his family.

History of Bahu Fort

Bahu Fort Jammu
Bahu Fort Jammu
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Bahu Fort has a wonderful story behind its construction. Once, Bahu Lochan went hunting along with his brother Jambu Lochan (founder of Jammu city), and got the opportunity to see a pleasant sight of a tiger and a goat drinking water together from the Tawi River. Surprisingly the tiger had no intentions to attack the goat at all. The sight really appealed the Lochan brothers and they decided to build the Capital for their kingdom at that very place. They believed that a place so heavenly, where animals didn’t harm each other, will surely inspire people to stay friendly and peacefully with each other.

Bawe wali Mata, Bahu Fort Jammu
Bawe wali Mata, Bahu Fort Jammu

There is an ancient temple of Mata Kali (aka Bawe Wali Mata) inside the fort. The temple is very sacred where thousands of devotees perform darshan every day. The fort is very big. There was also a pond inside the fort earlier where people enjoy the boating but unfortunately now water has been disappeared from the pond. There are so many shops on the way from entrance to the pious temple where there are so many kinds of products avaliable. There are a lot of toy shops for the children. We can easily get eatables and other things like Jaimala, Parshad, etc. for offering to the temple.

There is ample of Parking space outside the fort where we can easily park our vehicles conveniently. There is also an ‘Appu Ghar’ inside the fort where there are a lot of swings for the children and adults. Overall, the Bahu Fort is a best picnic spot where you can find mental peace and a view of Jammu city.


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