Banjo Movie Review – Story and Rating

Banjo is a movie which tells us the story of the street music in our country. The movie starring Ritesh Deshmukh as the Banjo player. Banjo is the tale of music, passion and love. Though movie checks our patience but overall it is an average movie to watch. It is the story of the Tarat (Ritesh Deshmukh) who is a Banjo player. Nobody pays heed to his talent untill a Newyork NRI musician Chris (Nargis) finds them out and plans to show their talent to world.

Banjo Movie Poster


Ritesh Deshmukh As Taraat
Nargis Farikh As Chris
Dharmesh As Greese


Ravi Jadhav


The Mumbaiya music of few Benjo players group led by Taraat (Ritesh), who perform in various festivals and occasions for money. This group catches the fancy of Chris (Nargis) who is a musician herself. She wanted to compose the songs with the Banjo players in order to get into the international competition of music. So She travels all the way from New York to Mumbai in order to find Taraat and his team.

She took help from one of his friend in Mumbai to find out all the Banjo players of Mumbai, but couldn’t find Taraat’s tune. Meanwhile, She came in contact with Taraat somehow, though She was completely unaware of that he is the Banjo player which she was looking for.
Taraat fell in love with her and he revealed that he is a Banjo player.

But soon, Chris finds out that that are the one she was looking for and offers them to compose songs with her and gives them hope to take their music international. But given their social and financial backgrounds, can the men live up to the Chris’s expectations?


Director Ravi Jadhav, who has made his name in Marathi films has now came up with the buzzing shawl culture and captures the pulse of the Mumbai in Banjo. Jadhav keeps Things unpretentious and thus relatable.

Though the story is pretty old cultured. A bunch of musicians winning the fame going against all the odds. They grew, They became famous. Suddenly They fall, the group scattered, again reunion and they came up with a Bang from nowhere. That’s all we had in the movie.

The makers have captured the real essence of Mumbai slums in this movie.

The movie is quite predictable with lack of emotions. Although makers were particular about keeping the music in the center which is Plus point.

For the people who are quite familiar to Mumbai’s working class neighborhood. They’ll be able to see the beauty of Banjo. And also this movie will make you respect the street music a little more.


2.5 / 5

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