Batman and Dubai – A Match in Heaven

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Recently, I was in Dubai along with my family visiting some relatives. Now, I am a woman in my mid-twenties but I have always been a person who had this enormous overflowing love for Batman, Superman, Spiderman. It was only a month ago that Batman Coming had hit the theatres, and I somehow had managed to get all my family a ticket for the first day and first show. Your age doesn’t really matter when it is, number one – Batman and number two – first day of the show. I was thrilled and having this best feeling ever after I made my way out of the theatre. Also, let me mention this madness I have of buying all these fictional character t-shirts.

How about some details?

Well, I can even beat the richest man on this planet with the huge collection of t-shirts I have of Batman, Flash, Game Of Thrones and a lot more. I got some of them from India and a few other superb collection of these organic cotton t-shirts from Dubai when I went there on a trip once. I couldn’t find anything as silky and soft like those organic tees as they have. It feels as if they are meant to be hugged and never let go.

Have some more…

When I went to Dubai, I also went to this giant place which had all of the world’s possible fictional characters. Not only that, they had Spiderman shoes, Batman cupboard, Hulk mugs and a hell lot of thing I cannot even mention. Though, unfortunately, there is nothing of this sort I encountered in India. So, if you are a fan and want to gift yourself with all the possible happiness in the world, trust me, Dubai is the place for you. Concludingly, to live through such blissful set of events is no less than dreams coming on earth and turning out to be true. Visiting a place like this which you could never think even existed is another level of cloud nine ecstasies or wait, was I dreaming again?

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