Blue Tea tastes Spectacular and is loaded with Health Benefits. Have you tried yet?

If you feel tired after a whole day’s run, you must keep the information about this particular flower and the tea made through it i.e Blue Tea. It is as beautiful as seeing the flower of Apjita, which has its medicinal benefits.

Let’s know how you can maintain your health by using this flower.

Health Benefits of Blue Tea

Blue Tea

Blue Tea made of Aparajita flowers is used to eliminate the fatigue of the people. Tea made from this flower does not only extinguish fatigue but also maintains your health. To make this, you heat the water and put one teaspoon of sugar and one flower in it. You will see that the color of water has changed and it will beat any green tea even in the taste.

Blue TeaUsed to change color in food

This flower can be used to make colorful rice or change the color of food. For this, dry the flower and make powder. Now add one spoon of this powder to the food you want to change color. You will see that the color of the food has changed.

Blue TeaUsed to make Syrup

Make powder by drying the flowers of Aparajita. When making syrup, add one spoonful of this powder powder to the water with sugar. Mix the sugar and powder well. You will see that the watercolor has turned blue. If you want to color the syrup, then squeeze a lemon in it too. The lemon will change its color.

To enhance Beauty

The root of the Aparajita plant is often used by making a paste on the skin and it increases the glow of the face.

It also has many other health benefits as the antioxidants in a cup of blue tea are great for hair and skin, Energises and boosts brain activity, Lowers the risk of cancer and Treats diabetes too.

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