5 Content Marketing Growth Hacks to get more Traffic

Content marketing is now a mandatory thing to compete with other contents on the same topic published by numerous bloggers. A concept has taken rise with content marketing concept called ‘viral loop’. Do you know what this ‘viral loop’ is? Consider your content is being shared by your reader. Those readers’ friends will read that content and again share it to their friends. This forms a viral loop which can bring you more and more traffic insanely. In this post, we are going to discuss about actionable hacks of content marketing which will create a viral loop for your blog content.

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5 Content Marketing Growth Hacks to get more Traffic

  1. Skyscraper Technique

With the courtesy of Brain Dean, Skyscraper technique is all popular among us. The simple principle of this strategy is: “if it worked for someone else, it should work for me too!”. If you think on this principle, it is a simple idea. You have to find a topic of your niche on which other blogs are driving heavy traffic. Then create your own piece of work on the same topic.

To build such own piece of work you can also take help of a tool named ‘Content Explorer’. This tool searches contiguous articles. You just have to insert your keywords in the tool. The tool will give you an articles list. This list will be displayed in the sorted form according to their share count. From this list, you can find the topic to write on. You just make sure that you will write a better article than the older one. To write such better content, you must work hard on it. You have to research that topic in detail. Explore it in depth more than the author of older writer. You can give examples and facts to prove and convince your concept. Add visuals to it. Reader will go crazy for such article and will share it.

  1. Make the content attractive

You can add colors to your content with images. If you add relevant images to the content, other bloggers may like to link them to it. You should insert images created by you.

  • Images

You must own a mobile phone which has a camera. You can click pictures on your own with this camera. Such pictures will be unique on the web and you can insert them in your content. It makes more sense for food blogs and travel blogs. Such blogs can’t publish a single post without images.

  • Screenshots

Screenshots are the best way to make people understand ‘’how to’’ articles. Inserting images for step by step procedure makes it easier for a reader to understand. You must know how to take screenshots with your smartphone. If not you can always get help from other users through forums.

  • Customized visuals

You can also add customized visuals other than images and screenshots. They may be a bit more costly because of customization, but you can use these visuals to add more attraction to your content.

  1. Add Tweetable lines in your content

You can force the readers to tweet about your content by adding tweetable lines in it.  You must practice using ‘sound bites’ in your content. After such ‘sound bite’ put a ‘’tweet’’ button next to it. You can also get help from ClickToTweet for creating such tweetable sound bites. You can include following as the sound bite to add in your blog post.

  • Quote- you can search in search engine for best quotes relevant to your blog post content. It must be created by famous personalities and celebrities. After finding a correct quote you can blend them with your content.
  • Take away- you can recap your content in tweetable sound bites. It must be short and attractive sentence.
  • Statistic- readers prefer sharing statistics. They would like to tweet such stats for their followers.

Among all these quotes by famous persons will work best. It is a fact that people go crazy to tweet such quotes for their followers.

  1. Show your storytelling talent

Stories are always engaging thing from child to adult. With the age type of stories may change but all age groups love to hear stories. If you explain any concept with a story, it will be more memorable. If you tell someone about some incident result they may forget it. If you tell the same incident by creating a story, the person will remember it for long period. Stories are powerful media which make people think over it and imagine the situation.

Emoticons are the best thing to make people feel about the content and let them share the content. You have to touch reader’s feelings with the stories. That touch of feel will enforce them to share the content. According to the research of Jonah Berger, most shared contents had two key features in common.

  • The degree of excitement created by the content
  • The degree of positivity in the content

Content which can create emotions can perform better than other normal contents. If we think about positive and negative emotions, positive works better than that of the negative or sad ones.

  1. Catchy headlines will always work

It is also one of the integral factors for content marketing growth. Your content headline is the first thing any visitor can see. When your readers share your content on the social web, their followers will see your content headlines only. So it becomes compulsory for you to create catchy headlines. If you don’t have such catchy headlines, you will never be able to create the viral loop. You can apply a formula to create interesting headlines.

Formula: Number + adjective + targeted keywords + rationale + promise

Example: 5 content marketing growth hacks to get more traffic

Formula: How to *** ?

Example: How to attract more traffic on your blog?

You can copy styles of other bloggers to create catchy headlines. You can exercise headlines of top bloggers with targeted keywords.

With all these strategies you can make your article worth sharing and worth creating a viral loop. Above five different growth hacks can motivate and enforce readers to create a viral loop. All the strategies are actionable and you can experiment them to see the difference in sharing count of your content.

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