Gap between the Old Generation and the New Generation

Different Minds have different opinions on different subjects. A human being can give his opinion on a particular subject only according to the things or facts he knows about it. Everyone has their own perception towards life and this perception changes drastically with one generation to another.

New Generation vs. Old Generation

The generation gap is increasing and widening at an alarming speed. Every upcoming new generation is getting more advance and takes the more advantages of modernization. Yes, technology plays the major role for widening this gap between generations. Young generation is very much used to the technology. This should be considered as a blessing but sometimes, the young minds gets tempted and his/her use of technology mayn’t be appropriate. The modernization and the technology are mainly the reason behind the daily conflicts between a teenager and his/her parents.


We can mainly see the generation gap when it comes to the daily conflicts between the teenagers and their parents. The older generations are not much involved with the new technologies where as on the other hand, it is fully adopted by the young generation with the changing age and time, the opinions of the children don’t match with their parents.

Lets see how?


👦 Teenager often feels that their parents don’t think that they can take good decisions. But according to them, they are matured enough to take decisions for their life.

👦 They don’t want to be treated as kid. They feels that they are not kid anymore, as they can travel alone, live alone and can do anything by themselves.

👦 They started to love the company of their friends more rather than their parents. As they think, parents are boring enough to spend time with.

👦 They starts to feel negative about their parents and start ignoring them because of different fields of Interest.


👴 Parents often feels that they have better experience of the world and only they can take good decisions for their children. They don’t want their child to fall by taking some wrong step.

👴 According to parents, their children will always remain a kid for them even if they grow up. Though the children demands freedom but parents will always treat them like little kids.

👴 Parents too want their children to spend more time with their children’s attention. If the children could cooperate, parents are the best friends they can have.

👴 Interests and the hobbies will always remain different. Its because of the technology. Technology has introduced such things that a teenager can adopt easily but a parent cannot.

So, the factors like Miss-use of IT, Social networking, Media, Rave Parties, Luxury Schools, Early comforts. etc. have widened the gap between the generations so drastically.

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Opinions will never match between old generations and the new generation. There’s no second point. But if the both sides try to communicate with each other and understand what both of them are doing are doing and appreciate each other, then the issues can be resolved slowly.

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