GENIUS : A New Start-Up in Jammu

About Genius IT Project


Genius is a Program developed to support both IT & Non-IT Graduates & Under-Graduates to “Boost Your Skill” – which are remained somewhere un-explored and untouched. Genius does not require any Technical Skills, anyone with just a little knowledge of Computers can join it and make its career with our Program. No need of messy coding, come with just a little knowledge of IT internet and rest leave on Team of Genius.


In Genius IT Project, we provide our users with a Pre-designed & Pre-hosted Blogging website and give them complete information required to create & maintain a Blogging website, to get it approved from Google, for Adsense according to its policies. We also provide technical skills & knowledge (SEO) required to increase web traffic & hence earnings from Adsenese. In this way, you can earn as much as you want by improving and implementing your skills and knowledge by attracting various visitors to your blog.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of affecting the visibility of a website or a webpage in a a search engine by applying various SEO Techniques. You will a complete training of SEO, when you buy our Genius Package.

Earnings from Google Adsense

Google is an intermediate between the companies who need publishers to display their ads and Website Owners. To get an ‘Adsense Account Approved,’ means one is becoming a publisher under Google. So, the income generated from advertisers will shared by Google with the Website Owners (Publishers). Our Team supports you in becoming the Publisher under Google Adsense.

Career in Genius

As a Career Genius is not just a Program but a golden opportunity for you to build your career in IT Field, which is Today’s most successful career option. Today is an age of IT, since internet users are increasing day by day, that’s why demand for Advertisers as well as publishers is also increasing, so Join and build your ‘Career with Genius’.

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