Hina Khan Mobbed At Mall, Hair Pulled By Crowd

The finale of ‘Bigg Boss 11‘ is coming closer gradually. The heartbeat of the participants, as well as of their fans, is increasing day by day. Since ‘Bigg Boss’ has reached its 11th season now. In this case, the makers are also constantly experimenting so that the audience’s interest remains to the show till the end.

A few days back, the family members of the participants were called in the house and they were also made part of the game. Elimination in ‘Bigg Boss’ house happens every week. But this week, a different method was adopted for elimination. For this week’s Elimination, 4 participants were sent to the Fans and Fans also gave them live voting there.

Among the fans, the enthusiasm of these participants was noticed. All came with a loud noise to support their favorite contestants. But in the meanwhile, some mischievous fans have done something wrong with Hina Khan. Now, what was that? To know this you will have to read this Story.

6 participants left

6 participants leftThe ‘Big Boss 11’ debuted with 18 contestants. Now there are only 6 participants left in the house. These participants include Hina Khan, Shilpa Shinde, Vikas Gupta, Luv Tyagi, Punish Sharma and Akash Dudalani.

Sword of Elimination

Sword of EliminationShilpa Shinde, Hina Khan, Vikas Gupta and Love Tyagi are hanging the sword of the elimination this week at the Bigg Boss house. And this time, their fans will do live voting to save their favorite participant.

Here they will come

PlaceThese four participants went to the ‘Inorbit Mall’ in Vaishali, Navi Mumbai demanding votes from their fans. Fans were eagerly waiting for them here.

Will be Out

Will be OutDuring this event, fans made a live voting for their favorite contestant. The participant who will get the least votes will be out of the show.

This happened with Hina

Some people expressed their hatred among this love of the fans. Someone from the crowd pulled Hina Khan’s hair.

It was done so badly that Hina’s screams got out.

Video Went Viral

Some videos are also being shared on social media, in which a young man from the crowd is showing Hina’s hair.

Vikas helped her

A prison was made for all the four participants. All participants were inside this. With such an attitude with Hina, Vikas Gupta looked like a gentleman handling them.

It’s really bad

It's really badThere are many people who do not like Hina Khan. But such a move can not be justified in any situation.

Who will be out?

Luv TyagiAlong with Hina and Shilpa, the fan following of Vikas Gupta is also very huge. Everything is hinged on the vote of fans, therefore Love Tyagi is considered to be in the highest danger.

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