I Earn 35-40 Free Uber Rides every month… Here’s How !

Uber is one of the cab service provider around the world founded in United States of America headquartered in San Francisco, California; had already arrived in India. No doubt since its arrival, commuting has became quite simple and easy. But would you believe I have never paid to get a ride from UBER.

UBER FreeRides
Still 33 pending Rides

Till now, I have got more than 55 free Uber rides worthing Rs. 150/- each. Which means, I have earned credits of more than Rs. 13,000/- from Uber. Now you might be thinking how did I do that ?

I hope you all are aware of Uber’s referral program, under which the company allows you to refer their cab concept to other people. As a result, your friends get Rs. 250 /- Uber credits / ride if he/she signs up from your referral code and you too get a free ride as a referral credit. I tried to take an advantage of this scheme and referred my friends through Facebook WhatsApp and Email ID too. But my blog plays a vital role behind the recurring free rides earning in my account. I tried using Uber’s unique referral code as an affiliate link and it is resulting out very nicely.

How It Works ?Uber Promo Code

First of all, you have to join Uber (only if you have not joined yet)

  • Click Here –> https://goo.gl/QL0POC
  • Sign Up on Uber
  • Instantly, you will receive Rs. 250/- credits / free ride balance. (or if not, use this code in Promotions Sunnya1962ue)

After joining this platform, you are eligible to share it.

Now, go to Free Rides section and you will get you unique referral code as well as link too.

  • Share it through Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Hike, Email and other platforms.
  • Ask your friends to join it through your link / code.
  • If you have other smartphones at your home, use the same link to install that app on those too but with different account for which you need unique mobile number.

Everytime, your referred persons / friends will take a ride from Uber, your account will be credited with an Uber ride of Rs. 250/-. You will get an email notification like this.

Remember, free rides will expire after 3 months from the date of credit. So, you need to use it within that period. You can apply only one coupon / ride. For example, if your travelling charges are Rs. 500/- than you have to pay only Rs. 350/- [Rs 500 – Rs 150 (coupon code)]

I hope this information was useful for you. Comments and questions will be appreciated…

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