Why Indians have a Crush for Tea?

Tea is a beverage made by the boiling tea leaves with water and milk. This drink is native to Asia and mostly in India and China. Indians have a different type of liking for this drink. Mostly all Indians have the habit of drinking tea twice or thrice a day. They feel their day incomplete without this drink. People consume this drink in many ways like Black Tea, Ice Tea, Herbal Tea and many other ways. Many people have developed their own way of making tea by adding certain ingredients according to their own taste.

But why tea is so common among Indians?

Why Indians have become addicted to tea so much??

Does tea have any health benefits??

Today you will find all your answers here that why tea has become a “National Drink” in India.
  • Very Old Drink: The origin of tea is from the very earlier times. The Britishers used to offer this drink to their most respectable guests and friends. So the culture of presenting the tea to the guests is adopted from the British times. At that time there were no other beverages like coffee, soft drinks that they could use.
  • Easily Available: Tea is a beverage that you can easily found anywhere in India at small stalls and shops which are not very distant. Easy availability of things also increases its demand by many folds.
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  • Affordable: As we all know most of the population in India is middle class and so they cannot afford costlier beverages like soft drinks and coffee which are a bit costlier than the tea, so most of the people prefer tea to coffee here.

  • Side Effects:
    It does have side effects like other soft drinks which can cause obesity and other diseases to human beings. Moreover, it has many health benefits like you can take it contains antioxidants, has less caffeine than coffee, reduces the risk of heart attack, helps losing weight, boosts the immune system and many others.
  • Increases Metabolic Activities: Regular tea drinking lowers the risk of metabolic syndrome which can lead to various disease in human beings.
  • Hydrating Drink: Despite being the fact that tea contains caffeine yet it is a very good hydrating drink for body and mind.
  • Preparation according to Taste: This is the most important thing that you can prepare it in your own desired way like some people likes to have less sugar intake so they can make it in their way. Some people also like to add certain flavours in it like tulsi and many other spices which could also be effective in fighting certain diseases and even serve as a taste enhancer.
  • Cultivation: The main factor for tea consumption in India is that it is grown on a very large scale in India like in states of Assam and many others. The climate is much favourable in India for growing tea and hence its consumption is also high. Apart from being sold in India, it is also exported to various countries from India.
  • Alternate for Milk: Adults usually don’t love to consume milk so they can take tea with more milk in spite of milk which also provides energy to the body and contains essential nutrients that are supplied to the body by milk.
  • Instant Preparation: It is very easy to prepare tea and it takes just a few minutes to prepare it. This is a drink that a person of any age group can easily prepare.
  • Refreshing Drink: it helps in reducing tiredness caused by the monotonous work. It is seen that it is mostly consumed by the working group, they take it to reduce the stress and tiredness caused to them during work.
  • Helps to stay Fit: Today everyone needs a perfect shaped body. So drinking green tea also helps to keep the body in a fit position.
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So these were some facts why Indians prefer tea the most. It is mostly seen that the job in India is monotonous than in Foreign countries like they need to work only 44 hours a week and they are paid at every weekend. There are no such provisions in India pertaining to a job so here working people have more stress and thus they have more intake of tea to reduce stress and also they could relax and gossip while drinking tea for a short time relaxing from the work.

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