About Mansar (Mansarover Lake), Jammu

About Mansar

Mansar is one of the most historical and famous place to visit in Jammu. It is basically the name of a Lake ‘Mansarover‘ which is usually known as MANSAR. It is very popular tourist place because of its beautiful natural sceneries. Mansar Lake is situated 62 KM from the Jammu city. We can travel there through local buses or on private vehicle. The lake is situated in the hilly areas.

Mansar Lake
Mansar Lake View

There is some history behind this lake. Babar Vahan (son of Arjun and Ulpi) was ruling this area during the time of Mahabharata. It is believed that After the war of mahabharat, Arjun perform some Yagya to prove this superiority over this land. The Horse was used as the sign of power of Yagya, which was later captured by Babar vahan, and then Arjun was killed by Babar during the battle between them. But later babar came to know from his mother that he had killed his father. So in order to make his father alive again , he required the Mani from sheshnag. Hence he made a hole (surang) through his arrow and formed surangsar, which is now known as Surinsar. After defeating sheshnag, he came out from the other hole, which is now known as MANSAR.

Mansar Lake

Mansar is a beautiful place to hangout with friends and family. The lake is around 1 Km long and it takes an hour to complete the one round of the lake. Apart from famous adventurous destination, it is also a holy place, sharing the legends of the lake. There are some ancient temples on the shores of the lake and every day. Many of the devotees come there in large number. The temples of Umapati Mahadev, Durga, Narshima are also situated there. People also take a holy dip in water on some festive occasions. Apart from that, MUNDAN ceremonies of the Hindu’s boys are usually performed.

People who make a visit to Mansar, can have tremendous adventure of boating in the lake . Yes, The tourism department have provided the Boating facilities for the people . You can also see the people feeding the fishes out in the water . One can also enjoy by having some Chaai, Pakoda, Samosa etc., as many restaurants are opened there. Nowadays , there is also a facility of Camel Riding near the shores of the lake.

The Mansar is also very much famous for its flora and fauna. Lots of species of plants and animals can be seen out here. There is a wild life Sanctuary housing jungle life like Spotted Deer, Neelgai etc. besides other water birds such as Cranes, Ducks etc. Also you can see torotoises and fishes in the water. The tourist usually took the pictures of the beauty of these animals. They also get the adventure of zoo in this place.

In nutshell, I would again say, Its the one of the best picnic spots of Jammu. So if you are fond of Nature beauty and sceneries and want to enjoy yourself. Do Visit it once!!

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