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In this world of entertainment, we use to watch many serials, movies and reality shows in television. Reality shows gives the chance to the common people to show their talent to the world.

In India, many reality shows are started every year, in which people compete with each other in the fields like Singing, Dancing and also Cooking. MasterChef India is a reality show which let the people to compete in cooking field.


MasterChef India is an Indian competitive cooking reality show, based on the original British MasterChef Australia which became famous. After making winners out of common people fond of cooking, it arrived in India and its first season started in 2010. It was hosted by Bollywood Actor Akshay Kumar. It is not just a reality show. MasterChef India is a part of food revolution. This show affects the food chain of the Country. MasterChef India has already broadcasted its four seasons. And now, Season 5 has just started on StarPlus.

MasterChef India Season 5

MasterChef India Season 5

MasterChef India returned with its latest season on October 1st. And its Star Judges Chef Vikas Khanna and Chef Kunal Kapur are not less excited. In MasterChef India Season 5, It is the food who is the hero again. Not Judges and not the Contestants, Food drama will derive the entire season.

This season, restaurateur and food lover, Zorawar Kalra joins the duo as the third Judge.

The auditions for the fifth season was started from June 5, 2016 in Kolkata, then New Delhi and Mumbai. The auditions also took place outside India in London and Dubai. From the auditions, Top 30 contestants were choosed to compete in the next round.


After the initial rounds consist of a large number of contestants from across the world individually auditioning by presenting a dish before the Judges, Top 30 Contestants were chosen from India and from other parts of the World like U.S.A, Dubai, etc. From the Top 30, best 10 were chosen by a cook-off between 3 each and in the second chance cook, other 6 were chosen. Now, the top 16 will compete with each other for becoming the Champion.

Contestants of MasterChef India Season 5

From the Top 16, one contestant has been eliminated and now only 15 are left.

  1. Mirvaan is a 19 years old student who belongs to Haryana.
  2. Kirti is 20 years old girl. She is Nutrition Graduate, belongs to West Bengal. {First Finalist}
  3. Siddharth, Vice-President of a MNC is 46 year old and lives in U.P. [Eliminated]
  4. Anagha, 44 years old, Product Manager. She lives in Maharashtra.
  5. Samantha, a 27 old lady from United Kingdom. She is a cafe owner.
  6. Rohini, a 36 year old Housewife from Haryana. [Eliminated]
  7. Dinesh, a 21 year old guy. He is professionally a lawyer.
  8. Pradip, from Maharashtra, a 69 year old trekker. [Eliminated]
  9. Jatin, who is from Punjab, is a Telecom Agent, 24 years old. [Eliminated]
  10. Abhilasha, 29 years old, Home maker. She is from West Bengal. [Eliminated]
  11. Ajay, a 23 years old boy from Jammu. He is a Tourism Student. [Eliminated]
  12. Ashima, 24 years old girl from Punjab. She is a Home Baker.
  13. Shipra, 35 years old Interior Designer from Andhra Pradesh. [Eliminated]
  14. Safad, 27 year old, from Delhi, working as a Social Sector Manager. [Eliminated]
  15. Sreelaxmi, 37 year old housewife from Kerala. [Eliminated]
  16. Ashwin, a 37 year old Food Blogger from Karnataka. [Eliminated]

So, all the contestants have tightened their belts for the competition. Ashwin has been the only elimination till now. MasterChef India has always been very different and more challenging than its other international versions. And the all new season of the MasterChef India is set to test the contestants and it will be interesting to see how the contestants give their best to win over not just the Judges heart but also Indian audience and the Kitchen.

So, tune in your T.V screens and watch Star Plus on Saturdays and Sundays, 8 PM for the delicious time-pass.

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