Mistakes that can bring your Relationship to an End

A marriage is a beautiful relation in which two persons share economic, physical, and emotional union. This relationship is not just of two bodies but two souls are united together in this pious relationship. The various reasons for doing the marriage are to propagate the family, fulfil various spiritual, religious, and emotional purposes. Both of them have equal rights over the other. It is also a union of two families. But today break up and divorce is making a large place in our societies too. Today we see many couples are breaking their relationship just because of many small reasons. This delicate relationship will be handled with great care for a happy life.

Common Mistakes that can bring your Relationship to an End:

  • Expectance: Nobody is perfect in this world. We should not expect our partner to change for us according to what we like. If your partner promises to change for the sake of love but we should not expect the things will improve at once but rather it would take time and we have to manage it with patience.
  • Disrespect for each other: Generally most of the people try to show that they are more intelligent to their partner and a sense of disrespect is developed in them for their partner. This should not be done as it will weigh your relation down.
  • Allowing the third person to interfere in your matters: Never allow a third person to interfere in your matters. The third person could be your parents, friends and some other relatives. Your partner could sometimes dislike your sharing your personal matters with others. The problem can be solved by you only and no other third person.
  • Holding your grudges: Never keep holding up grudges and issues that can cause a disturbance between the two. End up the non-relevant issues and move ahead in a relationship with no baggage in your mind.
  • Fight to win: People often start arguing or fighting just to prove their point. Do not argue over the controversial issues rather it is better to end up such issues with silence. Dragging the point will not be a solution but it would increase the problem. This is just a way of showing your ego to others.
  • Not accepting your fault: Often some people have the habit of not accepting their fault even if they have committed some mistake. We should apologize if we are guilty and sometimes also for the fault we have not committed just to make sure that our ego may not win over our love.
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  • Lack of communication: The communication is a must for any relationship. If we stop communicating with each other, the situation will become worse day by day and this may bring our relationship to an end gradually.
  • The difference in opinion: Sometimes we differ in our opinions and ideas from other people. This difference could be in various things like family planning, jobs and such other issues. We should try to find the solution by talking to each other and listen to the view of our partner regarding the issue.
  • Can’t devote time to each other: In today’s world when everyone is busy in his life we don’t have enough time to give it to our partner. We need to give time to each other so that we can share our personal views with our partner. It will nourish our relationship and help it to flourish every day.
  • Neglecting each other’s needs: One of the major mistake that couples make is ignoring each other’s needs. These needs can be emotional as well as physical. Everything is replaceable is in this world life partner is for a lifetime. We must pay attention to our partner needs and try to fulfil them as much as possible.
  • Cheating each other: Today most of the people cheat each other. The cheating could not only be physical but can be emotional also. People start ignoring their partners and start spending time with others by going for hangouts, dinners, tours.
  • Social media: In today’s world everybody is so busy on social media that they start ignoring their partners. They spend most of the time on Facebook and other social media chatting with their friends but ignore the partner who lives with them. This should be avoided at the sake of the relationship. Even your partner could prove to be the best friend in your life.
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  • Taking your partner for granted: Most of the people generally do not pay attention to what their partner is saying. They just take everything for granted and even the problems that their partner is facing. Some people are very soft hearted and could not bear the loneliness. This could create differences between the two. And the partner feeling lonely would try to share their problems with others and will cheat the other. Start caring for your partner and be serious to what your partner is saying.
  • Complaining about your partner: Some person has the habit of criticizing their partner in front of others. They go on complaining about their partners to others but not discuss it with the partner who can find the solution to your complaints.
  • Doubting each other unnecessarily: The major reason today behind the divorce is doubt. When people give less time to their partners, the partner starts thinking that his partner is in relation to a third person and this could be reflected by the daily fights and exchange of arguments. And with the time they stop talking to each other and moreover start hiding their personal views from one another and decide to break with this relationship.

So we have seen most of the reasons that lead a couple to break up their relationship of marriage without giving it a chance. It is right that dragging a relation that has no future is a stupid thing but at least every couple who is deciding to do so should once try to maintain their relation by listening each other and solving the problem that is responsible for the fights and misunderstanding. For this, the partners have to keep patience and understand each other before taking this step in their life.

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