About Mubarak Mandi Palace, Jammu

Jammu, known as ‘The City of Temples‘ also have a great presence of rich heritage left by the Great Dogra Kings in the form of Temples, Castles, Palaces and various other famous monuments. Palaces and Castles represent the Royal culture and its architecture. There are many beautiful palaces present throughout Jammu city. Hari Niwas Palace, Mubarak Mandi Palace, Bahu Fort, Akhnoor fort etc. are some of them. All of these monuments have their own unique History. But today here, we are going to talk about the most famous monument in Jammu, which is The Mubarak Mandi Palace.

About Mubarak Mandi Palace

Mubarak Mandi Palace

Mubarak Mandi Palace is a wonderful structure located on the bank of Tawi River in Jammu. This palace is situated in the old walled city of Jammu. The location adds a mystical atmosphere to this palace. Large amounts of tourists come to explore the richness of this palace and also to appreciate the bounties of nature.

Mubarak Mandi Palace is famous all over India for the charm and beauty that it exhibits. It is a well-known ‘Palace Complex’ of Dogra rulers. Encircling areas have residences of those Dogra rulers who were in the section of the King’s administration in those times.

A large number of government offices are also located within its precincts. Residences of additional high-profile personnel are also located near the palace. A trip to this palace will give you a look at the richness and elegance of people of those times.

Presence of this beautiful and regal palace increases the richness of this region. The exceptional look of this palace stuns tourists. Majestic halls and galleries of this palace are used for ceremonies and functions. Driving by this Dogra heritage, visitors get the fragrance of royals spread in the air of Jammu.


Mubarak Mandi Palaces Complex before 1947
Mubarak Mandi Palaces Complex before 1947

The oldest testimony of the complex dates back to 1824. The architecture and artwork resemble Mughalai and Rajasthani style along with 17th-century European style that attracts tourists through the whole world.

Also This marvellous palace, Mubarak Mandi was once a royal home belonging to Maharaja of Jammu & Kashmir. The foundation of this palace was laid down 150 years back. Since then, this structure remained a primary seat of rulers of Dogra empire till 1925. Later Maharaja Hari Singh moved to the north part of Jammu. Successors of Dogra dynasty also contributed to this palace complex and increased the size of the building.


Exemplary art and architecture of the palace make it a speaking landmark of Jammu. This kind of palace is unique because it is characterized by European, Mughal and Rajasthani style of architecture. A distinctive blend of these three types of architecture adds grace towards this beautiful palace.

Special attention was paid towards complex carving done on doors and windows of this palace that gives it a very prosperous and defined look. Actually, after years, the structure stands beautiful and elegant around the banks of Tawi River.

This palace of Mubarak Mandi includes many other structures like Sheesh Mahal, Nawa Mahal, Gol Ghar Complex, Royal Court Setting up, Pink Palace and also the popular Darbar Hall Complex. The structure of all these structures gives a majestic and antique look to the palace. This increases the charm of the mansion.

In addition to the architecture, there are many other fascinating objects from the ancient period seen here including bows and arrows painted in gold.

Style of construction of Sheesh Mahal is unique since it is entirely made of glass. This kind of delicate and pretty framework is also an important highlight for attracting tourists coming to the region.

Even though incidents like fires and earthquakes, over the years, have gutted down some sections, the glory of this palace nonetheless endures. Many structures, such as the riverfront Gol Ghar, which usually had four storeys, will be in ruins at present. In use until 1925 when Maharaja Hari Singh moved his seat towards the Hari Niwas Palace, Mubarak Mandi Palace has now recently been declared a Heritage Internet Site by the state government.

How exactly to Reach Mubarak Mandi Palace in Jammu

Tourists arriving to explore this palace have a number of options to choose from.

1. By Rail-

Jammu is well-connected with a considerable railway network and you may take a train to many important locations of India including Delhi, Chennai and Mumbai and Chennai.

2. By Air-

Tourists may take direct flights to Jammu from all essential towns of India. The aerial look of Jammu will probably be worth watching.


By Road-

Tourists may also travel by roadways to explore the region carefully. There are buses and commercial vehicles available for hire.

Mubarak Mandi Palace is positioned in an exceedingly convenient location and is easy to get at from both railway stations and airport of Jammu.

Best time to Visit

Almost all year around tourists head the beautiful valleys of Jammu. However, the best time to relish some picturesque beauty out of this place is from March to October. These weeks in Jammu are enjoyable and inviting for visitors to enjoy the bounties of nature of the Himalayas.

However, summer months from May to July see a huge increase of tourists from throughout India to have a taste from the paradise on earth. Winter months are chilly with minus heat.

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