Personality Development – Need of Hour


Most of the people are worried about the Interviews. Many questions are in their minds like How to introduce yourself in the Interview? When to answer the Interviewer? How to answer? These are the questions that are revolving in the minds of an interviewee. For the answers to these questions one has to work on personality development.

What Personality Development is?

Personality Development

Personality development is the quality of a person that how he/she expresses his feelings, ideas and behavior. This distinguishes a person from the other. Every person has his personality and way of expressing his inner and outer self through his views about a positive change. Personality matters a lot in the life of a person in transforming his future. As a student it is necessary for them to have an impressive  personality.

Want to improve your personality? Here are some tips.

  • Work on yourself : Every person should first study their character. Knowing yourself is much important to make others understand you. This includes to know your strong and weak points upon which you should work.
  • Be confident in yourself : You should be confident about you are and what are you doing. Never doubt your capabilities. Give a blow to your efforts to be successful. This would help you to overcome your fears and gain strength.
  • Be yourself : You should not imitate others completely. You can follow others for inspiration and adopting better things in your nature but should still remain your own unique self. We have our own skills and flaws and we should not try to mold yourself according to others.
  • Check your dress up : You get a confidence boost when you know you are appropriately dressed. Do not wear show off dresses while going for a interview. You should be dressed in a decent manner. Wearing flashy color clothes and too much body tattoos show unprofessional behavior. Carrying professional look by wearing a professional dress with formal shoes make you look presentable. Working on your attire is must for the interview.
  • Body language : It is not only the words that we speak tells about us but our body language also speaks a lot. Body language means your body postures, way of talking, walking and like many other things. Correct body posture is to keep your head high, shoulders pulled back and tummy in. Maintain a proper eye contact with the interviewer and you should not keep on looking down. While walking you should not drag your feet rather you should walk by picking your feet up and taking more comfortable steps.
  • Bringing in your own opinion : Represent your views in your own way without thinking of others what they may think. The opinion which other people have for you is their problem and not yours. Be confident in representing your ideas and don’t be shy in saying them before others. Even if others are not of the same opinion that you have, don’t start speaking differently according to them but take a stand of what you are saying.
  • Proper planning : You should have properly planned before facing the interview about the company, the job for which you are applying and new technologies involved in the concerned field.
  • Be Humble : Always be calm and courteous. While going for an interview, you should always greet everyone with a smile. This makes other people to feel happy to see us.
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  • Be a good listener : This is the most important aspect that everyone should take care of in their lives. Always be a good listener and listen patiently what the other person is telling you. Do not interrupt the other person when he/she is saying you something and try to be attentive to other people’s advice.
  • Develop new interests : You should read more books and success stories, listen motivational lectures and develop new interests. When you know about different things and have more interests you can be active part of any discussion and likely to be more impressive.
  • Make friends and meet new people : Always keep your mind open for new people and their ideas. This could bring a big change in your nature and never let you be down in your life because more the number of people in your life, more the helping hands you have and even more the ideas you get from them.
  • Bring positivity in your attitude : Life is full of highs and lows. You must have a positive outlook towards the life. Always see the positive side of the things and this will remove the negativity from your mind and life too. This would help in removing stress from your mind.
  • Know yourself : Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom. Analyse your traits i.e weaknesses and strong points. Try it with a pen and paper. Note down your weaknesses and strengths on a paper then try to work on your weak points so that they that may not become a hindrance in your life.
  • Don’t be over confident : Never be over confident of your strengths. This may also become your weak point after a period of time when you will not be able to distinguish between being confident and over confident. In overconfidence sometimes you speak much which can be a cause of trouble for you.
  • Always speak to a limit and never speak too much even if you know. Its better to stay quiet than to answer wrong. Generally people used to speak vaguely if they don’t know the answer. This should be avoided. Always carry a smile on your face.

Here are some Communication Skills too which should be in your mind while facing an interview:

  • Communicate in the language in which you are comfortable and don’t try to show off by speaking other languages upon which you don’t have a good control.
  • While talking to a person try to convince him in a language that other person understands and not yours.
  • The conversation should always be polite.
  • You should know when to answer, how much to answer and how to answer.

Benefits of Personality Development:

  • Stress free life.
  • Better decision making capability.
  • Enhanced confidence level.
  • More pleasing and attractive personality.
  • Help you to stay happy.

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