Powers and Benefits of Being a Blogger

Blogs don’t even exists 20 years ago. But now, there are 150 million of them. Today, Blogs have become a important source of business for the people. But still I do get some puzzled looks, when I recommend Blogging as a career to someone. The reason is many of the people still don’t know anything about it. Even though ‘blogging’ has hit big and bloggers are ruling the market, still most people don’t get how this thing is so powerful and beneficial.

So those who are among the uninitiated and preparing to be enlightened in the field of blogging. So for them, I’ve compiled a list of the POWERS and BENEFITS one can have by becoming a blogger.

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Sometimes a blogs starts as a hobby, but later it comes out as a full time business. Although a blog is a business itself, but if you want to start some other business, then as a blogger you can promote it through your blog. The more audience a blogger have, more power comes in his hands. One can also promote the businesses of others just because in today’s world, most of business comes from Internet world. So business holders approaches the bloggers to write for their firm. If you got a loyal audience, then that audience will trust your words and hence will trust the brand you’ll promote.


Yes. That’s the reason I personally became a Blogger. Though it takes some time. You have to be aware of what people wants and what they are interested in. But once your audience starts following you, you got some power. Everything you’ll start publishing will become viral itself. People will start giving you an idea that you want to develop further and will also believe in your ideas.


Bloggers shares their ideas and insights with their audience most of their time. Giving online reviews have become a special tool for the bloggers nowadays. Many companies approaches blog owners to use their products and give a feedback on it in a positive manner (Obviously). But a blogger has a authority to whether write it in a positive manner or in a negative manner. As I’d already said, if people are following you, then they will only believe in your words.

Today, Bloggers go out in many places like Restaurants, Saloons, Cinema, Clubs etc. and write down a review after analyzing the place. So the firm owners can’t take a successful blogger for granted. One negative blog by him/her can turn the tables.


A blogger can also sell a product of a company through his virtual store ‘BLOG’. Now, many e-commerce sites are available for online shopping. But a blogger can also sell it, by writing down the description about it in a positive manner.

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Blogging is a great way to help people and a blogger can also show his talent or express himself to the world through his blog. Through your words, you can show the world what you are made of. Whether your blog is business related or personal diary, blogging will remain as the powerful form of self expression.

The work of a blogger is to educate, inspire and help people by providing the knowledge. Many bloggers help others by providing information on different niches like cooking, weight loosing, body building etc. We, Onviews also gives you all the reviews of different places.

So I must say, Blogging is a great platform of social work with earning money.

The last word…

I still feel like that I’ve lot more to say, but i’ll end this by saying that Becoming a Blogger can be just a way of advancing your online presence, but it can also be great way of advancing your life.


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