Reasons why most People Like Winters than Summers

Summer and winter are important seasons in Indian context since both are for almost equal time in a year. Summer starts generally in the month of April and winters mostly in November. This can vary according to climate and tradition. Months when summers are at the peak are June, July and August. Winters are generally more in the months of December and January.  In summers, days are longer and nights are short and vice-versa. Everybody has his own likings and disliking but according to a survey we come to know that most people prefer winters than summers. There are so many reasons behind this so.


Reasons why most People Like Winters than Summers

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  • Winters makes us less tiring and keeps energized all the day.
  • Beauty of winters is more than summers because of clouds and fog everywhere which looks very beautiful.
  • You can move anywhere outside without any fear of tanning and scorching heat about which girls are more conscious in summers.
  • Winters keep you safe from the worry of getting dark skin color that is a most common problem in summers.
  • In winters we eat more because we need extra calories to keep ourselves warm. it helps your system grow stronger.
  • You can sleep more in winters as there are long nights.
  • Winters are less favorable for disease carrying bugs and hence we are more safe.
  • You can play more outdoor games which summers resist you to play due to heat and precipitation due to playing outside in summers.
  • Winter is a season of bonfires and barbeques which people enjoy a lot during winter nights with their friends.
  • Wearing winter clothes makes you feel cozy all day.
  • Winter is a season of romance which makes people come close to each other. Couples love this period the most which brings out their hidden love and romance.
  • Winter is also considered to be an alcoholic season when most people take drinks to enjoy and warm themselves.
  • In winters you can easily enjoy lot of hot drinks which you love to have and make you happy like coffee.
  • Winter is also a season of festivals starting from Diwali, Christmas, then New Year and then comes Lohri which brings enthusiasm in people.
  • Having a hangover is so much easier when its not a billion degree outside.
  • Winter is a season of many speciality foods in India like Gajar ka Halwa, Makke di Roti with Sarson ka saag and many other delicious items which are available only in winters.
  • You can wear your favourite long shoes in winters without any fear of smell in foot.
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These reasons make people love winters more than the summers. Although some people like summers also as there are more chances of accidents in winters due to icy roads and less visibility. Overall winters are more enjoyable and urges us to enjoy energetically this season and brings the naughtiness out of everyone. Most of the people are very eager for this season after long summers.

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  • November 30, 2016 at 2:18 am

    I like winter but I don’t like the cold. My favorite thing of course is winter fashion.


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