Review : Aroma Multi-Cuisine Family Restaurant, Jammu

Who does not like eating food at the restaurant nowadays and when its weekend, its must. But whenever someone goes out to eat at a new place, the biggest tension remains, how the food will be there, its taste and quality, How the atmosphere of the restaurant will be? etc… etc…

So, today we have come to Aroma Multi-Cuisine Family Restaurant to give you an idea what to expect on your visit to this place.

Aroma Multi-Cuisine Family Restaurant

Aroma Multi-Cuisine RestaurantAroma Multi-Cuisine Family Restaurant is located close to Bahu Plaza. The Restaurant is located on the first floor. The Restaurant was started and run by Mr. Vijay K. Menon.

First of all, talking about the place, it’s quite average. The restaurant is essentially a hall but they have a separate small party hall for the gathering of 50-60 persons (approx). The atmosphere is Ok but not so good. Tables are placed quite nearby to each other. They also have Live Music which is quite boring and even its difficult to hear due to the loud of enthusiastic customers. The staff persons were like bouncers not cordial or professional at all. Forget a friendly atmosphere, they were actually quite rude and arrogant, just lack of proper training and social skills.

The prices are Ok. There, we had the Veg. Thali which was quite filling. The taste was Ok but there was no dish which would strike out or leave its mark on the taste buds. There was a decent variety of South Indian Food but again nothing extraordinary or memorable. The service is a little slow. The place is popular with the offices in the buildings across and among the nearby students too. You can see ladies out for kitty parties.

So, if you are looking for a pocket-friendly place to dine out with your family, then it’s for you. But if you want a perfect place, you should try somewhere else.

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