Azhar Movie Review and Rating

Hello Peeps, It’s Friday Again. The Day For The Release Of The New Movies. And The Big Release for this Friday is Emraan Hashmi’s “AZHAR“… I personally was pretty much excited for this movie, for the two reasons. First, it’s a biopic and Second, i’m big fan of Emraan Hashmi… I’d Just watched the first show of the movie and many of you must be planning or thinking to watch it. But before you go or decide, do read this review…


🎬 Emraan Hashmi as Mohd

🎬 Azharruddin Nargis Fakhri as Sangeeta Bijalani

🎬 Prachi Desai As Naureen (Azhar’s Wife)

🎬 Lara Dutta as Meera (Lawyer)

🎬 DIRECTED by Tony D’Souza


Azhar Movie

The sports drama starring Emraan Hashmi is a biopic on ace cricketer Mohammad Azharruddin. The film also features Prachi Desai, Lara Dutta, Nargis Fakhri and Gautam Gulati in pivotal roles.

Apart from the Match-Fixing Angle that is showcased in the film, Azhar’s personal life and his undiscussed affair and subsquent marriage to Sangeet Bijalani is also piqued interest in the movie .

From the start of his Life and Career, Azhar’s get into the cricket world because His ‘NANU’ want him to play 100 TESTS for the indian cricket team. He got selected for India and Hitted 3 back to back centuries in his first 3 matches.. From there, he became a Star. Meanwhile, He got married to Naureen (Prachi Desai) and also he became the Captain of the Indian cricket team. He was on the peak of his career .

He met Sangeeta Bijalani (Nargis) in an Ad shooting and somehow he fall for him. They again met in london where they both fall in love with each other and start dating. Media and some magazines made it the front page news and everyone came to know about their affair. Meanwhile, Azhar Met Shaun a.k.a M.K Sharma. He offered him a deal to fix some matches in the exchange of money. Azhar accepted his offer and agreed to fix a match and he made Shaun sure that India will loose.

But it was just a fake deal, Azhar performed well in the match and took India to the Victory . But Still he was found guilty for match fixing and banned for life time by the Cricket Association. Further, an 8 year battle at the court challenging the decision over life ban on cricket is what we see.


What’s Good: The makers slap a huge warning towards the beginning, claiming it is not a biopic and that cinematic liberties have been taken on the story. Why good? Had it been a biopic, it would have been one of the most fickle attempts, shaming the cricketing legend too.

What’ Bad: Weak script, outdated dialogues, unconvincing courtroom scenes dilutes the impact of Azhar. Talking about the acting performance. Emraan Hashmi is best pick for the role of Azharruddin. He has able to pick the Azhar’s Mannerism. Nargis Farikh Can’t Act, that’s a fact. Prachi Desai plays her part as a shy housewifr. Lara Dutta as lawyer Meera looks a bit unconvincing. While her dedication is impressive, but not the execution. Not right now Azhar.

The courtroom scenes are written poorly with snooty dialogues assigned to Lara Dutta’s character that make the entire sequence highly fictitious. Side characters are gravely under-developed as opposed to their importance in Azhar’s real life. Azhar could easily be said to be one of the weakest films when it comes to portraying a real-life character on-screen. The writers have a great subject at hand and there is so much to explore but what they stick to is an overly commercial approach.

So my last words for the Azhar is that it is completely misfilled. It neither captures the spirit of the game nor the personality. It could have been great Biopic but sadly fails to achieve that.

Rating: 3/5

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