FOOD, AIR AND WATER. Three basic requirement for the survival of a human being. In this profit and loss world, food is an important business run by many people all over the world in the form of Hotels, Restaurants and Dhabas.


Let me talk about a famous restaurant in Jammu city named “MINT LEAF“. Though, there are 3 branches of this restaurant in the city (Channi Himmat, Railway station and Bohri). But I recently visited the Bohri branch of this restaurant with my friend.

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LOCATION: It is situated on the Anand nagar Road. Few meters away from Bohri chungi. If you are going towards Anand nagar, you’ll find the restaurant on the left hand side.


If you are going to a restaurant. Its not only the food that matters. The atmosphere of a restaurant is also a key. When I entered the MINT LEAF, I Found a large space available for sitting. The inner vision of the restaurant is so mesmerizing that one cannot stop himself/herself from going in there. The restaurant is fully central AC and fully furnished. One will get automatically comfortable and relaxed in the restaurant. The vision and atmosphere of the place is also nice. In evening time, you’ll find many families coming there and grabbing some food. You’ll find quality crowd around you. The restaurant is fully camerised, though very few restaurants in the city have this security system. You’ll find many delicious dishes on the menu of the restaurant.

When I was there, I Ordered a sweet corn soup and a plate of gulab-jamun and both the things were excellent in taste. Even their way of presentation of a dish is very impressive. Apart from that, Mint leaf is also famous for its Sweet corner. They provides different varieties and qualities of sweets for their customers at a reasonable price. The restaurant is not much expensive and the price of the every dish on the menu is reasonable. But the X Factor of the Mint Leaf (Bohri Branch) is its Clean environment. The staff of the branch is very much dedicated towards this thing.


They also provide free home delivery for their customers within 4~5 kms and it varies with the amount of the order. A big hall is also available in the branch for the celebration of special occasions like birthday parties, kitty parties, ceremonies etc.

In the end, i would say, It is the place where you can hang out with your friends, go on a date with your beloved one and can even spend time with your family. So GO AND GRAB SOME FOOD.

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