Review : One Night Stand – The Movie

One Night Stand – The Movie

One Night Stand

One Night Stand is a Sex Drama Movie released today, directed by Jasmine D’Souza and Starring The Hot Actress Sunny Leone in Opposite of Tanuj Virwani.

Recently, Few days back, five posters of Sunny Leone’s Movie One Night Were Released. In This Posters, Sunny Leone was looking very sexy and erotic. And If it’s Sunny Leone’s movie, hot scenes are quite obvious. People expect this kind of stuff from Sunny’s movie. Let’s check out what is actually in the movie.


🎥 Sunny Leone As Celina/Amber

🎥 Tanuj Virwani As Urvil Raisingh

🎥 Nyra Banerjee As Simran

🎥 Directed by Jasmine D’souza


The Film is about the One Night Stand (as the title suggests) that leads to some complications. Now the Tanuj A.K.A Urvil, being a head of operations in an Event company has a strong position and is career driven. He went on a business trip where he finds Celina (Sunny Leone), He got attracted towards her. His colleagues bet that Urvil has to impress Sunny aka Celina, which he happily agrees as he has had eyes on her for a while! But Celina is smart and knows exactly what he’s up to. But somehow, she goes on with it.

Needless to say, They then had a one night stand together. It was a crazy night with lots of steamy scenes together, but she disappeared next morning. And Urvil also moved on and went back to Pune where his wife is waiting for him.. Forgot to mention, Urvil is already married to Nyra Banerjee A.K.A Simran and Yes , He Cheated .. He have a very good marriage life until he again coincidentally bumps into Celina while he is with his wife. And from there, his life got disturbed. That was not it, Celina was also married already to a rich man, and her real name was ‘Amber’ .

From here on, Urvil went mad for Celina and started stocking her. His marriage life also got disturbed when his wife came to know that he had a one night stand with Celina. In the end, urvil regreted for all the things he had done and wanted to start his life from new phase.


Why should boys have all the fun, why can’t girls too? Why not indeed? Good question, and amply answered by all the heaving’s and writhing’s, but, and this is the thing, they are surprisingly tame. Ms Leone’s vaunted past as an adult entertainer, the sole reason why you presume this film has been made, have been successfully and sadly tamped by Bollywood. Where’s the heat?

Yes, I was Expecting Something else and was delivered something else.. I Still Can’t Understand when the movie ended … I guess this is the first part of the movie , so I am waiting for the next part , so that i can write a perfect review of this movie… JUST KIDDING … Still the best part of the movie was the acting of Tanuj Virwani. It is a film which wants to strike a blow for feminism and sexual freedom . A Song in the movie goes- ‘Do Peg maar aur Bhool ja..’ So i guess its a good tip for all…

Rating : 1.5/5

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  • May 6, 2016 at 10:32 pm

    Totally Wastage of Money…. #Bakwas_Movie


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