Review : Pink City Handicraft – The Bridal Store

A business only rises at a big level when they provide quality products and service to their customers and also when they spread their business to the different parts and cities so that most of the people come to know about it.

Women fashion is something which includes so many of things that one shop or store can’t be sufficient to fulfil all the needs of women related to fashion. So, here we are, with another article for the ladies. This article is about a famous store of Ludhiana which has its branches in Jammu City. The shop is an exclusive women store which includes almost every item related to women accessories and cosmetics and its name itself defines everything, Pink City Handicraft: The Bridal Store.

💄 Introduction: Pink City Handicraft

Pink City Handicraft is a pure women store where women can get almost everything related to their fashion to expect apparels and footwear. The store was opened almost 16 years ago by Mr Hirday Narayan in Ludhiana. There, he started spreading his business and opened one more store in Ludhiana. But in 2006, Pink City got its opening in the Jammu City and in today’s date, there are 2 branches of the store in Jammu. One in the Purani Mandi and other in the Gandhi Nagar which was opened in 2013. The stores of Jammu are run by Mr Kripal Kumar

💄 Location

As I’ve mentioned above Pink City Handicraft has mainly three branches :

👠 Ludhiana Branch

The Ludhiana store of Pink City is located near Gurudwara Mai Nand Kaur in Ghumar Mandi.


👠 Purani Mandi:  This branch was opened back in 2006. It is located in Hari Singh Market, Patel Bazar. The shop is situated in a lane on the left-hand side.

👠 Gandhi Nagar:  This is the most recent branch of Pink City, opened in 2013. It is located 40A, Gandhi Nagar. If you know the way to Vimpi’s Pizza, then you can reach Pink City easily. It is only a few metres away from Vimpi’s.


Pink City is famous for its unique collection of Jewellery, Cosmetics, Bangles etc. They usually deal in all the ladies stuff from undergarments to bridal. You can find all the varieties of unique Jewellery of Mumbai and designer bangles of Ferozabad and Kolkata. One can also find almost every item related to facial fashion.

You can find different brands of cosmetics and there is a special 10% discount on the products of Revlon, Lakme, Dabur, Jovish. You will also get 20% discount on the undergarments.

Pink city is quite a hub for teenagers who are very fond of funky Jewellery and bracelets. The store includes a variety of teenage stuff like wooden mala and bracelet. You’ll also find all the bridal stuff like Kalire here.

Overall, I can only say, you’ll get a different feel when you’ll enter their showrooms.


You can contact them through different ways and if you have any query, you can visit their website also.



CONTACT NO:- 9316856638, 9018475621

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