Review : Raaz Reboot – A Romance and Horror Reloaded Movie

Raaz Reboot is the fourth installment of the Raaz Series. It doesn’t make any sense to context any its just another typical type of Vikram Bhatt’s movie. You’ll see the windows opening by themselves, creaking doors, dark secrets and yes CGI crows. Some of the horror scenes will make you laugh. Raaz series definately needs a reboot but this film is not a answer for that.

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Story – Raaz Reboot

Well coming to the story, it is pretty much similar to the first installment of the series and reminds us of Bipasha basu’s Raaz. Rehan (Gorav Arora) and Shaina (Kriti Kharbanda), a married couple moves to romania after Rehan gets a good job offer there. They begin to live in a house where Shaina starts to feel something strange. Gorav also starts to act strange with her and begin to maintain distance with her.

Not understanding her husband’s behavior she started to feel that she is not alone in the house. From seeing eyeball in the sink to seeing someone under her bed, she starts getting terrified. She tried to convince her husband about all this but failed. Slowly, she starts getting possesed by the spirit and Suddenly Emraan Hashmi A.k.a Aditya (Her Ex) made a late entry before interval and claims to know what’s happening with her. She didn’t believed him in first place but soon She realized that only Aditya can help her.

Aditya told him that it is the spirit of a person who is killed by your husband. Shaina couldn’t digest the fact that her husband was a murderer. But She wanted to investigate the whole matter and wanted to know the truth. But during all this, She again came closer to Aditya.

From there many secrets gets opened. Gorav soon realized that something is going wrong with his wife. So He along with his friends called priests and came to know that the spirit who has possesed the body of Shaina is the spirit of Aditya’s. Then the Gorav admitted of killing Aditya in past because He started blackmailing Gorav to not to get married with shaina.

Rest is the story of the struggle of a lover to get back his love From the evil spirit.


This time, the movie is shot in there land of dracula, Romania. Vikram Bhatt has chosen deep, dark forests and other exotic locales of the country as the setting of this horror film. Location itself makes the scenes scary.

However, it is down to the cast, the script and the chill factor, which decides if a horror film will work with the audience. And it is there that Raaz Reboot stumbles and fumbles.

Rating : 2.5 / 5

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