Role of Social Media in our Lives and in a Business

In 21st century, humans are living two forms of life. One which is real and second which is virtual i.e Social Media. Social media is a profound identity for every person who uses internet. It is changing our lives in many ways. Social media help us to interact with many people all over the world. It socially connects the people with various technologies and applications and helps us to stay connected with the world of internet.

Social media is a very must thing to be used in today’s world to stay connected with the people, and to know whats going trending all over the world. It has somehow became a necessity for the people. Through this medium, we can actually share our feelings with the people and can updates the things that we do in our daily routine like travelling, eating, emotions, events etc.

We can share our knowledge, talent with the people. Earlier one could only connect to limited number of people in the daily life, but due to the boon in the technology, the world of internet has changed the points of view of the people now. Now people can show the world, what they are capable of, what they can do, what they are about to do, what they are planning, what ideas they have.

Social Medias like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, Myspace, Hike etc has made our life so easy and interesting now. We can now connect to our friends, relatives, lovers through this technology. Social media gives us benefits in many ways and also helps us to spend our bare time.

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Since the 21st century, this thing has become very much popular. Now, almost 3 billion people all over the world are using Internet and many of them are connected and has made their social profiles.

Lets us discuss out some points, how it has changed our life completely.

✴Social media has now changed some things related to the world of news. People now prefer to see the social pages of various newspaper and news channels and check out the news of the world.

✴ It is a great platform for the publicity. Those who have talent, can show their talent to the world through their social profiles. There is no need for them to go to reality shows etc. YouTube itself is a famous platform and through it, one can even become a celebrity.

✴ Social media has overcome the old fashion of wishing and celebrating some occasions. Mediums like Facebook, whatsapp enables us to get interact with our closed ones and wish them in different ways for different occasions.

✴ Social media has bring awareness among the people. People now gets aware of the things happening around the world when they are connected to Internet. They comes to know about a particular issue and gets to know the reality behind it.

✴ Facebook is the big reason that many people are using Internet in today’s world. Most of people starts using Internet now just to stay connect socially. I mean, Many of the people starts using internet due to social media.

✴ Many of the minor issues can become a Major issue due to this technology. People can raise their voice against some issue and can even get the support of the people by publishing and sharing that thing in their social profile. People will either support it or will get against it.


If you got audience in your social profile, then you can promote any business or product, actually you can advertise it. We can use social media as a way of attracting new clients, users and in promote the products and services. Every business organisations now make their social pages and use this media in order to target the customers and audience. They can actually judge their customers through their profiles and can serve them in better way.

Nowadays, people are selling their products in Whatsapp, Instagram etc. just by sharing the images and rate of the products. Through social media, customers can also directly contact the producers and can then use their services. This technology has totally change the ways of old traditional Business. Advertising and Marketing of products has become very successful through this media.


Social media has make the people connect with the known ones and also unknowns. If we use it in a positive way, then it is a great boon unless it can also go negative against us.

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