Save Her Ever – Save The Girl Child

Save The Girl Child

The very fact it has became a topic of discussions and debates, as it is different to the other human species. At-least in a country like India, The GIRL CHILD is a topic of debates for the past several decades and even today, the situation is unchanged. It is very sad that we are on the developing stage and still most of the new born girls are not found in hospitals, they got missing and then found in a GRAVEYARD. The girls are considered always and everywhere lesser among the two beings of the human species.

It cannot be imagined how this situation came but the most saddening thing is that, Today, In 21st century where we call ourselves well civilized and educated and all else, the girl still finds it difficult to subsist in this planet. Even today we hear the crimes and atrocities against women and that too in a advance countries like USA also.

It is true that India is a country that has held women with high esteem and respect. It is believed that women were worshiped in out ancient civilization. In our sacred books, there’s a fact that a country with do not respect women can never progress. But it is very shocking to see the adverse situation of the women in our country.Save Girl Child

I’m here talking about the mentality of the dominant specie of the human. It is very shocking to know the raise of crimes against girls. And the crimes starts all the killing of the Girl Child.

The present scenario is that girls are killed mercilessly before the birth. And it is very difficult to understand what we are doing regarding this. Although the situation is not too bad at all in every area. On one hand, we can see the girls entering the various professional fields like engineering, doctors, mangers, officers etc. which defines that the position of the girl is not too bad at all as compared to past.

But the mind boggling situation is when we see girls entering professional fields and simultaneously we can see the continuous raise in the graph of crimes against the women. This is when the situation becomes malicious.

There is two side of this problem in our country, In the urban areas, the girls are given with education , exposure and freedom but on the other hand, in rural areas, the girls are not even sent to the schools and even if at all they are, they drop after a year or two.

Here, the myth remains the same- the girls are good for only household work. They should focus on house work, child bringing all through her life. There is no need of education for her. It is very difficult to the convince the backward people of village that the education of women is as important as men.

It is very important to educate a women. An African proverb says, “If we educate a boy, we educate one person. If we educate a girl, we educate a family – and a whole nation.” By sending a girl to school, she is far more likely to ensure that her children also receive an education. As many claim, investing in a girl’s education is investing in a nation.

Let us analyze how this situation persists and how to deal with it.

Save Girl ChildToday, women share equal status as men. There is a need of empowering rural women and more stress should be laid on their development. Empowering the girls and women would lead a change in the society which would be in effect for ages to come. Society should lay special focus and should enhance its efforts for women empowerment and its society’s responsibility to confirm women’s progress by giving them equal rights and opportunities.

But still not the problem ends, it is very clear that Men who have held the fort for centuries single handedly, would never give in their superiority and importance, or even would never share it with women. It is man who resents the rise of the heads of women, but when it rises to challenge-able heights, it is the man who crushes them.

He do all this by using the god gifted physical strength and that is why crimes against the women is always on rise. Thus the situation remains unchanged even after the education and independence of a woman.

According to me, there is no single thing that could change the situation of girl/women, except the men changes his attitude towards women. Unless the men start taking the women as their equal partners.

No other single thing or item like teaching, preaching, education or rights would work out as a solution. It is all about the change of mind. The day when the men would the change their mind and attitude towards the women, problem would be automatically solved. Otherwise, No teaching or rights could help the Girl child.

As we are talking about the attitude, I believe that Even women have to change their mindset and attitude towards a Girl child. Somewhere women are themselves responsible for their position.

So there are many reasons through which we can save a Girl child and can work on women empowerment so that tomorrow, she can be someone’s wife, mother, sister, daughter.

Let us all, Both Beings of the human species, change our attitude in this regard and I’m sure it’ll reap out some pleasant results.

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