About Shiv Khori, Katra, Jammu

Jammu and Kashmir is very much famous for its Temples. Most of the tourists from all over the country comes to this state just to visit the famous sacred places like Vaishno Devi, Amarnath. But there is one more place, which has became very much famous from the past few years. And that Place is “Shiv Khori”. Lets us explore much about it.


Shiv Khori, JammuShiv Khori is the holy place of Lord Shiva. Khori means ‘Guffa’ (Cave). So It is Shiva’s Cave. Talking about this natural cave, it is 200 metre long and one metre wide. Many of the devotees comes there to visit this natural cave. The entrance of the cave is very much wide and many devotees can accommodate there at one time. Then the passage of the cave leds to the inner chamber, which is not much wide and it becomes difficult for a person to cross the passage. Then the cave divides itself into two parts . And it is believed that one of this part leds to Kashmir, where the holy Amarnath cave is located. But that cave is closed now because some Sadhus went to that cave once and have never came back.

Inside the cave, there is natural created image of Lord Shiva, which is 4 metre long. Pilgrimages take blessings from the “Shivling”. There are also many natural formed images of many god and goddesses in the cave. Water keeps on trickle on the shiv lingam from the cave roof. As per the legend, 33 crores deities exist in this cave in shape of Pindis.


Shiv Khori is located in the District of Reasi in Jammu and Kashmir. There is a village in Reasi district named ” Ransoo”. It is 140 km from Jammu, 120 km from Udampur and 80 km from Katra. To reach the Holy Cave, one has to track a distance of 3.5 KMs from Ramsoo, the base camp, on foot. Ransoo is connected via Road with Jammu. And Jammu is well connected with the rest of India via Air, Rail & Road.

Many taxies are also available for the tourists in Katra, Udhampur and Jammu. The Pilgrims coming from Shri Mata Vaishno Devi usually then goes to Shiv Khori.


Shiv Khori Mela
Shiv Khori Mela, Ransoo

Shiv Khori has became very famous holy place for the pilgrims from the past few time. About 40~50 years ago, no body was much aware about this place since then it was discovered. But the from the past few decades, it has gain some popularity. Shri Shiv Khori Shrine was formed in 2003, and from then rate of number of devotees from year to year have been increasing. People from all over the country comes here to seek the blessings of Lord Shiva. You can hear the People chanting Bhajans and Saying “Bham Bham Bole” in the whole journey. There are also many shops opened in the track, with the devotees have to cover on foot. And also 3 days Mela takes place there on the occasion of Mahashivratri. Many devotees came there from different places to seek the blessings of Lord Shiva. The festival took place in month of Febuary or March. Keeping in mind, the increasing number of devotees day by day. The shrine board is taking various measures and steps to develop this place more and more.

So If you are a devotee of Lord Shiva and are fond of natural caves, then Shi Khori is a must visit place for you. The cave consists of natural impression & pictures and images of various Hindu Deities & it is full of divine feelings.

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