Review: TheOneSpy Mobile Phone Tracking App

TheOneSpy is an advanced mobile phone monitoring app intended for parents and employers to track the mobile phones of their children and employees. Loaded with hundreds of features, the app is compatible with Android and iOS supported mobile phones and tablets. The app does not just let the end-user to monitor the activities on a phone but also allows to remotely controlling the device. There are monthly, quarterly and yearly subscriptions of the app varying with package plans and operating system of the target device.

Core Features of TheOneSpy

There are more than 2 hundred features facilitating surveillance on children and workforce but we have rounded up here only the main feature of the spy app to give you an insight of it.

Spy on Messages

You can read the text messages, voice messages and multimedia messages and complete thread conversations on the monitored phone. The message logs provide the timestamp and contact details of the person who has sent/ received the message.

Spy on Calls

The phone calls received and made from the target phone can be listened and recorded. You can block the incoming calls from strangers or numbers not saved in the phonebook of the target device. The call logs provide call details including time, date, duration and name and the number of the caller/recipient.

Record Phone Surroundings

The Android monitoring app lets you control the cameras and microphone of the target device without taking it in possession. You can send a command to the target phone to capture photos or record short video of the surroundings. You can also listen to the conversations of your target activating the microphone of the monitored phone.


Track GPS Location

The GPS location tracker lets the end-user know the current GPS location of the target. The location history shows the locations the target has traveled to in earlier times. You can also mark locations as safe or unsafe to be notified if the target crosses the boundaries.

Monitor Internet Use

TheOneSpy app accesses the internet browsing history of the target phone and provides user-friendly statistics on the time, date, and frequency of visiting each website or searching information on search engines.

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Monitor Social Media and IM

Most of the popular social media and instant messaging apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Skype, Tinder, Line, Kik, Tumblr, Telegram, Vine, Hike, IMO and Hangouts can be tracked with the cell phone spy app. The individual and group conversations consisting of text, photos, videos and audios can be monitored and friends and followers list of the target can be seen.

Access Photos and Videos

The photos and videos, whether captured from the phone, downloaded from the internet or received from any other source, can be viewed and downloaded. The media files deleted from the target phone can be retrieved with the tracking app.

Track Emails

You can read the content of incoming and outgoing Gmail emails as well as the email addresses of the sender/receiver.


TheOneSpy app grabs all the keystrokes applied to the target phone including the username, passwords and email address keystrokes. These keystrokes help the end-user getting evidence of the wrongful act of the target.

View and Manage Contacts

The contacts stored on the target phone can be seen and managed remotely. The end-user can delete the unwanted contacts and add required contacts to the Phonebook.

Monitor Driving Speed

The surveillance app lets you monitor the driving speed of your children. If the speed exceeds a certain limit, it automatically blocks incoming and outgoing texting and internet access.

Remotely Control Apps

You can lock and unlock the phone; see the apps installed on the phone; start, pause, block, unblock and uninstall the apps from the target phone.

The Bottom Line

When compared to the cell phone spy app available in the online market, TheOneSpy is a reliable, feature-rich and budget-friendly surveillance app for those who do not need extravagant spying solution. It works in stealth mode without generating any notification or sound on the monitored phone alerting the target.

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