Things you don’t know about India’s Independence Day

Well, I’m not here to write an essay or paragraph on the Independence day. Being an Indian, we all know that we got Independence on 15th August,1947 and its been almost 69 years of Independence till now. Every year on 15th August, we all celebrate this proud moment and pay tribute to all the Freedom Fighters in different ways.

But there are very hidden facts and things that played a major role in our Independence. Whole Country celebrates this day with great joy. The national Flag of the country is hosted in many parts of the Country, especially is Delhi, on the ramparts of the historical site “Red Fort”, where Prime Minister hoists the Flag and then addresses the Nation. On this salmon occasion, 21 Gun shots are fired in the honer.

Independence Day

But in the article, we’ll tell about somethings that you may be don’t know about India’s Independence Day.

We have summed up some facts that every Indian should know.

🇮🇳 Indo-Pak boundary line was set up by a British Lawyer

Yes, it is true. the man who set up the line between the two countries was ‘Cyril John Radcliffe’. From Gujarat to Kashmir, he defined the acres of India and the Pakistan. And the fun fact is that he don’t even knew about the complete geography of the country.

🇮🇳 Many other countries also celebrates their Independence day on 15th August

Apart from India, many other countries like South Korea, Republic of Congo, Liechtenstein also got their freedom on the same date. South Korea was colonized by Japan and both the British and the Japan surrendered on the same date.

🇮🇳 August 15 was Independence day but partition took place after two days

Sir Cyril Radcliffe had the boundaries ready by August 9. On t he other hand, the Governor of Punjab was writing letters to Mountbatten to publish the Boundaries before August 15. But shockingly, Mountbatten refused it and delayed it till August 17. This delay was very much big reason for the killings that took place.

🇮🇳 Both countries got freedom on same date but the Pakistan changed it to August 14

Well, there’s a reason behind it. Mountbatten delivered the message of Independence in Karachi on August 14, 1947 and he was pressurized to be a part of the ceremonies of both the countries, so that’s why Pakistan date was set to August 14.

🇮🇳 Mahatma Gandhi was not a part of first Independence Day

It is hard to believe that the greatest freedom fighter of the country, Mahatma Gandhi was not a part of country’s first Independence day. At the time of Independence, he was in Calcutta and was fasting in protest against the Hindu-Muslim riots taking place there.

🇮🇳 National Flag was first hoisted 41 years before Independence

Not many people know this but National Flag was first hoisted on August 7, 1906 at Parsee Bagan Square in Calcutta. The flags constitutes the three horizontal strips of red, yellow and green. However at that time, the flag created a lot of stir so it was rejected soon.

🇮🇳 Hindi was not the India’s official National Language

You’ll be surprised to know as Article 343 of the constitution states that Hindi in Devanagari script is the official language in India. But soon, Hindi was declared the official language of the Country on Sep. 14, 1949.

So, on this note, I would like to wish you all a very Happy 70th Independence Day.

“Jai Hind…”

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