What is Women Empowerment and its Importance?

Undoubtedly winning different roles every single day effortlessly, women are the pillars of any society. But society still ignores their role in many parts of the world. Because of this, women have to bear the brunt of inequality, harassment, financial dependence and other social evils at large. Over the centuries these bonds have been blocking women from achieving professional and personal heights.

What is Women Empowerment?

Women Empowerment

Generally speaking, Women Empowerment means giving them the freedom to decide their life or creating such capacities in them so that they can establish their rightful place in society. But why do we everytime talk about empowerment of women rather than male empowerment? Why do women need empowerment and why not men? About 50% of the world’s population is women, yet why is this large part of the society needed empowerment? Women are not even a minority that they need special help. On the basis of the facts, it is a proven argument that women are better at every task than men. So the question arises here is why are we discussing the topic ‘Women empowerment‘?

Why do women need empowerment?

What is the Importance of Women Empowerment???

“Women are the real architects of society.”—Harriet Beecher Stowe

The need for empowerment has been done for the liberation of women by the exploitation and discrimination of women for centuries; The voice of women is pressed in every way. Women are the target of different types of violence and discriminatory behaviors by men throughout the world. India is also not far behind.

India is a complex country. For centuries, different types of customs, traditions and practices have been developed. These customs and traditions, some good and some evil, have become a part of the collective consciousness of our society. We worship women as goddesses; We also attach great importance to our mothers, daughters, sisters, wives and other female relatives or friends but at the same time, Indians are famous for women harassment also.

Every religion teaches us to behave with respect and dignity of women. In today’s modern society, the thinking of the society has developed so much that both the physical and mental types of practices have become ideal against women. Such as dowry practice, burning of wife/daughter-in-law, sexual violence, sexual harassment at workplace, domestic violence and other different types of discrimination; All such actions involve physical and mental elements.

Crime or atrocities against women are still increasing. To deal with them, the mindset of old people in the society has to be changed through social plans and sensitization programs.

Therefore, the thinking of Women Empowerment not only focuses on raising the strength and skills of women from their sad condition but also educates them in relation to women and equals women with a sense of respect and duty.

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